Fishing on Loch Eck

Fishing on Loch Eck

Magnificent Loch Eck just over 6 miles long and 67 feet above sea level, scythes through the centre of the Cowal Peninsula, surrounded by high, forested hills.

The loch epitomises Cowal - rugged and spectacular but at the same time peaceful, where you can while away the hours, and with our own private beach, our motor / rowing boats are always ready to go exploring. We are the only place on the Loch that offers people the opportunity to hire a boat and explore this very special spot.

During the summer months our boats are often booked up, so it is always advisable to pre-book.  We use large open clinker style boats that seat 8 people comfortably. If hiring a motor boat, the engines are small outboards with tiller controls, so even if you have never used a boat before, you can be assured that after you are given full tuition and buoyancy aids, you will be more than capable of exploring the beauty of the Loch from the tranquillity of the water.

Loch Eck has many many small beaches along its shore lines, so you may even want to moor up and explore some of the forest and hills accessible only by boat.

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